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Choosing Appropriate Lighting For Art Shows

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Choosing Appropriate Lighting For Art Shows

On March 24, 2015, Posted by , In Arts & Design, With Comments Off on Choosing Appropriate Lighting For Art Shows

Perfect art lighting is very helpful in increasing your artworks sale even it is an expensive investment especially if the picture is hanging and there are picture hanging sytems. You may have a limited budget or are a budget conscious artist. Nevertheless, you can go for pretty nice lighting in a manner that save you good amount of money and time. If you consider a certain elements, you can help yourself in determining the perfect modern lighting solution for your artworks. Take a look at this page for more info about picture hanging systems.

Tips for choosing perfect lighting for artworks

Many beginners in artworks are overwhelmed with their selection when it comes to lighting and end up taking wrong decision. Established and experienced artists face the problems, such as cost of lighting systems, unaware of latest lighting technology and the convention set lighting rules.

  • For effective lighting on trade shows, artists need to look at lightweight and modular bulbs of contemporary styles.
  • They can think about having special lighting effect that is not flashy.
  • If you could accomplish above things, then you can give a unique lighting ambiance to your art gallery.
  • If you are concerned about electricity cost, then use 500 watt bulbs for lighting.
  • Consider the fixture of the bulb as it is the main determinant factor and also help you in arranging the perfect show of your artworks.

Using halogen bulb

It is the most common choice for many art shows and exhibitions. This kind of bulb can offer a white and crisp light for your art gallery and can amazingly illuminate items, such as jewelry. They are referred to as incandescent and it offers higher output per watt. It has the ability to provide more light when compared to conventional incandescent lighting bulbs. Lamps can offer nice color rendition that exposes true colors.

Choosing the right bulb

Once you have settled on halogen lighting, the next thing is to choose the perfect bulb. Choose a bulb that does not exceed 75 watts and have factory seal in glass because those bulbs offer prisms in lens as well as internal reflector that can help in controlling the light beam. You will find bulbs in a plenty of colors, sizes and widths. Hence, ensure that you choose the perfect bulb that will go in tandem with the themes you choose for the art show.

Choosing hanging lights

They can provide a beautiful and unique look on the items on the show. Therefore, an artist should choose plugs and cords that will not go in contradiction with the items on the show. Avoid cords that are very long because they create obstruction for viewers and ensure that the lights are not very bright.

LEDs are perfect choice for in the above mentioned situation as they provide clear light as well as remain energy savers. Choosing the perfect and high quality art lighting is necessary for wonderful effect to your trade show. Consider all possible options available and pick the most appropriate and cost effective lighting solutions that can beautifully illuminate your artworks.

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