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Monthly Archives: February 2015

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The History Of Different Types Of Tapestry

One of the most commonly known tapestries is the unicorn in captivity, which was made in the Netherlands around about the 16th century. This tapestry is now a permanent feature in a New York museum. Europeans have many other celebrated examples of tapestry like the Belgian tree of life tapestry today, and the 11th century Bayeux tapestry. The Bayeux tapestry is especially interesting because it tells the Norman Conquest story. The tree of life can be related to the religious tree of life found in many religious works of literature. In every continent, there are tapestry examples that relate to their culture, beliefs, history and religion. In every culture, there are both ancient and modern contemporary tapestry styles. Here are some of the common categories of tapestry;

Ancient tapestries are the tapestries of old, with the oldest thought to have been made in Egypt. According to famous historian D.T. Jenkins, tapestry dating as far as 1400 B.C was found in tombs where Pharaohs were buried. Some of these ancient styles can still be seen in Navajo blankets and in various medieval paintings scattered in museums around Europe and the world. The Chinese were another famous tapestry weaving culture, creating their unique style called the K’osssu. 

Contemporary tapestry refers mostly to ancient tapestries and weaving styles that have endured the times, at least in some form, to still be present today. A perfect example of these contemporary wall hangings is the kilim carpets. These are an ancient art, but can still be found in many areas of the Middle East. Kilim carpet weaving has experienced several resurgences throughout the years. A notable contributor to the contemporary tapestry culture was the Bauhaus school. Another famous contemporary tapestry example is the Quaker tapestry. This is made collectively by 4000 people, and is used to show the history of the Quaker religion. Despite there being a general mechanization trend, hand woven yarns and the practice of hand weaving still persist. Looms change with time, but the hand weaving process still remains, at least in some form. When creating a tapestry, hand weaving processes that remain include working with discontinuous threads and the process of working weft yarns. The threads will remain invisible when the end tapestry is finished, but the weft yarns are masterfully manipulated to produce the images and the artwork. Tapestry weaving artists often place the drawing on the warp yarns, and use the weft yarns to fill in the color.

Jacquard tapestry pays tribute to Joseph-Marie Jacquard who revolutionized tapestry art in the early 1800s. His was the beginning of loom technology, as he developed a loom that took from the weaver’s hands the process of developing tapestry. His loom used a system of hooks and punch cards. The cards had rectangular shaped holes in them, with the hooks used to guide the yarn through the card holes to create tapestry patterns. However, he faced opposition, with traditionalists saying the process was not weaving in its classic sense. His efforts led to some of the computerized weaving methods used in the manufacture of European and Belgian tapestry.

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Why Choosing A Custom Invitation For Guests Is A Good Idea?

Whether it is a wedding or a baby shower, one has to think of ways through which the guests can be invited. People have been seeking help of the invitation cards for ages. However, with time things are changing. Now people wish to put a personal and customized touch on the invitation cards. Custom invitations are relatively new concept, but have gained a huge amount of popularity over time. With the help of these invitations you can easily make your guests feel special. One has to put a lot of efforts in order to create the customized invitations. You can also seek help of companies that offer services using which you can customize a bulk of invitation cards.
You can look for the companies or agencies that offer baby shower invitations in Melbourne and can personalize the invitations as per your preferences. However, in case you don’t want to spend extra money on paying the company for designing the invitation cards, you can do so yourself very easily by sitting in the comfort of your house. All you need to do is to take help of the internet. With the advent of internet it has become quite convenient to take care of the such things. There are several websites that are also known as designer websites as they can help you to design and create your very own invitation card like a professional. Therefore, you don’t need to go through any kind of hassles or hire professional services in order to create perfect and beautiful invitations for your guests. 

Whatever might be the occasion, it is very important to make the guests feel important and there is no better way to do that other than opting for a personalized and customized invitation card. If you are planning to invite guests on your wedding, you can opt for custom invitation cards instead of going with the traditional ones. Opting for a custom made card will help you to connect with the guests instant and will make them feel that their presence on your big day will mean a lot of you. Words speak louder sometimes when it comes to invitation cards. If you put your hard work in designing custom wedding invitations, then even the guests will appreciate your effort and gladly accept your invitation.
However, when it comes to a designer website, you should make up your mind and finalize which design you are going to opt for. You need to first spend some time chalking out a layout or a design of the invitation card. Unless and until you plan the entire design in your head beforehand, it would be quite impossible for you to achieve the precision and perfection which is required in a custom made invitation card. Therefore, in case you are not sure then you can look for designs on the internet as it can provide you with more than many designs and layouts along with ideas to choose from. You need to set your creativity on fire and come up with a design that is both beautiful and unique. With the help of these websites, then you can easily create the design that you wish to and these websites will also provide you with detailed and step wise procedures.

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How To Buy A Bathroom Mirror

Whether it is the process of remodeling or building a new bathroom, an art installation in Sydney can have a dramatic impact on the overall space. During the day, the mirror reflects the light making the room to appear brighter. At night, the same case applies, ensuring that the bathroom has sufficient light. If well installed, the mirrors play a central role in adding the interior decoration of the house. There are different models of bathroom mirrors, making the overall process overwhelming. In order to ensure that the right mirror is bought, these factors must be considered.

Size- It is important to establish the place of installation and the total area to be covered. This plays a significant role in ensuring that the right size of material is bought. Buying too small may compromise the overall process of installation, while buying too large mirror results to wastage of resources. If possible, one should first take the measurements, before heading to the market. It is however essential to ensure that some allowance is given to the size of the mirror.

 Budget- Determining the budget is essential as it mainly determines the quality, size and design to be installed. More sophisticated designs are often costly when compared to simple designs. For a person to come up with appropriate budget of these materials, it is important to consider going through different prices of different stores, so as to establish approximate estimates of the overall process. Alternative, consulting with various professions enables one to come up with approximate prices for the services. Straining personal budget may be fatal as it affects other projects in a house. Having the project valued plays a significant role in ensuring that the overall process when it comes to budgetary allocation.

Frame-A frame is an important part of the mirror. It contributes greatly to the overall appearance of the mirror. It should be attractive, so as to enhance the overall appearance of the project. If possible, it should be customizable so as to allow versatile services to the project. It should also hold the mirror firmly to the wall, so as to reduce the chances of vibrations, or slipping of the mirror, which can compromise its appearance. A mirror hanging in Sydney on the wall comfortably is usually safe and efficient when using it.

Uniformity-It is important to ensure that the mirror to be installed is in line with the interior décor of the bathroom. This plays a significant role in ensuring that the overall bathroom looks like one piece. It also gives the owner, psychological satisfaction, which is essential in any given project.

Mounting style- In the mirror market, there are different designs which are meant to be installed depending on the interior decoration of the bathroom. Consulting qualified mirror installers is essential as a person gets quality solution, depending on the model as well as the type of the bathroom. The style should be decorative ad most versatile for the obvious reasons.

Lighting fixtures- When installing the mirror, it is important to consider the lighting fixtures as they can compromise the quality and the efficiency of reflection of the house.